Nutritional Supplementation: The key to getting well & staying well!

Our family’s travel through cancer with our 17-year-old daughter taught us that nutrition was key to her recovery. A basin of washed fruit sat by her bed as she underwent chemo and radiation. She ate little else. On occasion, though when those crazy sugar cravings would kick in, she would take her IV pole to the candy-machine for a midnight raid! The smell of cooked meats often triggered nausea, so we decided any food (including candy) was good, as long as it stayed down!

The months following chemo and radiation, were times when new cravings showed up. Like the time that she drank an entire quart of half and half cream. Then I read an article about the importance of good fats in the recreation of the myelin sheaths responsible for covering the peripheral nerves which may have been damaged by chemo! Our family went out and bought 2 Jersey cows with the help of our small neighboring community and began to milk. The strangest thing happened to all of our gallons of milk- each with 3 inches of cream on the top. They would get carefully skimmed and sold to our neighbors with less than one inch of cream. Guess who was the culprit. Yes. She was skimming the cream and drinking it: gallons of it! But in less than a year, she was signing up for college. The Lorazepam which had helped control nausea had also affected her eyes, to the point she had not been able to tolerate light, and she even said everything looked black and white to her, not colored. But after her free access to all the cream she wanted, her eyes began to improve. And she began to remember how to write sentences and she was able to recall the times tables. She regained her confidence and made it through college to become a registered nurse. Today, she works as a nurse on an oncology ward in the United States and is able to walk many miles a day, as does every nurse, despite a hip which had been severely compromised by a sarcoma.

One other notable piece of information we want to bring out, has to do with something her older sister did. You see, her older sister had a child whose intestinal system had developed IBS following childhood inoculation. The child could no longer tolerate wheat or milk. Even normal foods became difficult to digest. But her older sister stumbled upon a gold mine of information put out by a dentist named Weston A. Price and began to implement the fermented foods guidelines which he encouraged. Sure enough. Our recently recovered cancer patient, when she dipped her tortilla chips in the fermented bean dips, no longer had digestive issues. And we  began to see noticeable differences in her appearance and strength. Her wan skin brightened. And her chemo-shortened hair gained luster.

All the above is simply to say that the following websites may encourage you to take a look at what the chemo-stressed body needs, or even the normal body! Everybody needs good nutrition. The above story brings home how acute proper nutrition is, especially in a situation of special need.

The Weston A. Price Foundation is a gold-mine of information but one does not have to join in order to learn better ways to eat. The internet has a great deal of his wise methods written about in numerous articles out there…for free.  Phone: 202-363-4394

The following website is just one of many which explains the relationship between myelin and chemotherapy.

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