Support Is of Vital Importance

If a loved one is going through cancer, I feel impressed to convey to you how extremely important it is that this individual never feel like they are alone, or without a support group, such as family.

If you are reading this and you are alone, please tell us. We want you to know that we care. We want you to know that there are others who have made it through and you can too.

Please tell us about your self, especially if you feel alone, because this site wants to let you know that you matter. Your story counts with us.

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A Mini Bio

Born in Senegal, West Africa to missionaries, I wrote and illustrated a little book inspired by our family’s trek through a severe illness. Sketches drawn while nursing a daughter through cancer were of scenes from my childhood home.

Interestingly enough, pouring my soul into these drawings, not only reconciled me to the loss- years before, of my friend Joey who had been killed by a crocodile; but it also opened the windows of my soul to enable me to accompany my daughter through a year of chemo and radiation.

Today, my daughter lives as a testimony to this new class of resilient survivors. And even more incredible, she is now an oncology nurse with two strong, energetic children!

Staying Busy In the Hospital

Accompanying a child through a year of chemo and radiation protocol was time-consuming, exhausting, expensive and boring! And my child could not tolerate being left alone, ever!

One tip I wish I had received early in the year, was how to apply for fafsa. This is an American program to help allay the expenses of higher education. I would have had the time- with the help of a laptop, to get two full semesters of college under my belt.

Even though I was not American, only a green-card holder, I discovered our family was eligible for college financial assistance. This was due to medical expenses, the maintenance of 2 places of residence in order to accommodate my family’s travel through cancer, and due to the multitude of other unforeseen expenses incurred by severe illness.

If you are faithfully sitting by a loved one, as they are hospitalized, you might want to take a look at this.

Nine Year Anniversary: Cancer Free!

“This month marks my nine year anniversary for being cancer free. I’m truly blessed. Cancer truly is a heavy burden to bear, but honestly, my family had the majority of the burden and helped carry”drag” me through it. I’m so blessed with health, beautiful children, and I live mostly pain free.”

The above is a copy and paste from Face Book. This young lady invited me to post this to this page. Nothing is more valuable than life when one has stared death in the face as this woman has.

She endured chemo and radiation and thought she would never have children. Today she is cancer free, married and has two delightful toddlers,one of whom is pictured below. She is giving her life daily on the oncology ward of a hospital as a nurse. You might say, she is a lady with a mission, because of what she went through. She is a survivor.


Cancer Center Newsletter

Following are some helpful articles written in the November issue of the Cancer Center’s Newsletter. Take a look.

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…And You Thought You Were All Alone…

Check out this little video…and I took it personally. I felt like I was this little bear, when my daughter had cancer. I thought I had no where to turn and then all of a sudden the whole world turned out to help us! That’s how it really is folks, if you are in this situation. People are out to help you. In fact, if you personally need help, contact me. I will see what strings I can pull for you and your family.

Creativity Is Healing

Creative Healing Through Art
Creative Healing Through Art

I discovered the joy of giving daily as I accompanied my daughter through a year of chemo and radiation. The other sick children were bored and unhappy and welcomed distraction in the form of my sketches as I recalled my childhood in Africa. Above is a sketch of a mud puppy, or as they are often called, a salamander I played with on the Casamance River in Senegal.

The experience was as healing for me as them. Next time you want to donate time, consider contacting a children’s hospital or rehab unit to ask if you can entertain via a talent you have. Who knows? You may not only brighten their day, but you could change their lives! I know they changed mine.