UK’s Number 1 Charity for Alternative Cancer Treatements

The World Health Organisation states that up to 70 per cent of cancers are preventable!   Canceractive’s Cancer Prevention Main Features are divided under three headings – the three Ds:
– Diet and Lifestyle
– Dangers from environment and toxins
– Disease (from parasites to viruses to yeasts)

5 a day 3Canceractive is a charity with no vested interests. It provides information which is already in the public domain. It is not intended to advise or to indicate information which is specific to any one case or individual. Following are some quotes taken from the site.

“Here we cover more than a dozen ´Alternative cancer therapies´ in areas like virotherapy, dendritic cell vaccines, hyperthermia, photodynamic therapy, intravenous vitamin C, diet therapies, Cyberknife and more.

CANCERactive is a charity with no vested interests – if something has research to support it, we will tell you; if it does not or it is controversial, we will tell you that too. We don´t take sides. We don´t endorse or promote. And certainly no one pays us – we take absolutely no money from anyone providing these treatments! We just bring you objective information, warts and all.

The simplest definition would be ´If it has no rigorous clinical trial to support it, then it is an unproven alternative therapy´. If it did have solid research, then it would instantly become ´mainstream´.

In this section we have decided to list those treatments patients are using as alternatives to the Holy Trinity of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.”

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