Nine Year Anniversary: Cancer Free!

“This month marks my nine year anniversary for being cancer free. I’m truly blessed. Cancer truly is a heavy burden to bear, but honestly, my family had the majority of the burden and helped carry”drag” me through it. I’m so blessed with health, beautiful children, and I live mostly pain free.”

The above is a copy and paste from Face Book. This young lady invited me to post this to this page. Nothing is more valuable than life when one has stared death in the face as this woman has.

She endured chemo and radiation and thought she would never have children. Today she is cancer free, married and has two delightful toddlers,one of whom is pictured below. She is giving her life daily on the oncology ward of a hospital as a nurse. You might say, she is a lady with a mission, because of what she went through. She is a survivor.


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