Staying Busy In the Hospital

Accompanying a child through a year of chemo and radiation protocol was time-consuming, exhausting, expensive and boring! And my child could not tolerate being left alone, ever!

One tip I wish I had received early in the year, was how to apply for fafsa. This is an American program to help allay the expenses of higher education. I would have had the time- with the help of a laptop, to get two full semesters of college under my belt.

Even though I was not American, only a green-card holder, I discovered our family was eligible for college financial assistance. This was due to medical expenses, the maintenance of 2 places of residence in order to accommodate my family’s travel through cancer, and due to the multitude of other unforeseen expenses incurred by severe illness.

If you are faithfully sitting by a loved one, as they are hospitalized, you might want to take a look at this.

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