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Amy Millar Sr.

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You are invited to email me at the following address.Please note: In order to keep from diverting into my ever-vigilant spam file, please tag yourself as a participant of our “A Resilient Simpatico” blog.

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A Mini Bio

Born in Senegal, West Africa to missionaries, I wrote and illustrated a little book inspired by our family’s trek through a severe illness. Sketches drawn while nursing a daughter through cancer were of scenes from my childhood home.

Interestingly enough, pouring my soul into these drawings, not only reconciled me to the loss- years before, of my friend Joey who had been killed by a crocodile; but it also opened the windows of my soul to enable me to accompany my daughter through a year of chemo and radiation.

Today, my daughter lives as a testimony to this new class of resilient survivors. And even more incredible, she is now an oncology nurse with two strong, energetic children!

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