Being the Comfortor Through Ilness Can Be Expensive!


I cannot tell you number of times I wished I had the information I have today, while I accompanied my child through a year of chemo and radiation. My stay added up to 150 twenty-four hour days which were boring and expensive, because of course, no food was provided for me, only the patient.

However, in retrospect, here is some information which may prove to be helpful if you are today in such a position, caring for a loved one. In an earlier article I suggested using the American program called Fafsa, if you live in the United States and are a citizen or a green-card holder. Enrolling in the Fafsa program enables one to receive an education, which can be done in the hospital, on a laptop. I attended a small state college online which was inexpensive, I received Fafsa funds greater than what was needed to pay for my education, and the rest was given to me to pay for travel expenses, equipment and books. This really helps.

Another link which can prove to be helpful, generates income; not a lot but some to keep paying for your meals and traveling to and fro from the hospital. The following link costs $47 if you just purchase the first program which lets you generate instant revenue by letting you piggy-back on an online guru’s website, whose name is George Brown. If you are already a guru yourself, this may not prove to be much of a fund-raiser. If you are a newbie like myself, this made a believer of me, discovering that  I could indeed generate money via my laptop, online. Videos walk one through the steps necessary which include setting up a free Click Bank account, and making sure you have a Face Book account and so on. If you follow the instructions, you will receive 60% of your followers’ kickback, which quickly recovers your initial investment of $47.00. And if you like it, but are not ready to do it, just bookmark it and it will be there for you when you decide to take the plunge to change your life.

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