Category Archives: FREE STUFF FOR CANCER PATIENTS! offers their support by connecting you to the ones who support you!
The following site allows the cancer patient or family member to stay in touch with loved ones, updating them on their current status…all in one fell swoop, without having to make individual phone calls, or emails.

The following site is a fantastic resource! It pigeon-holes where you are at in the process of dealing with cancer and helps you…right there!

The following site helps you get free or low-cost prescriptions.

This site gives a free-informative newsletter about cancer and provides a list of charity partners who may be turned to for help.

This site supplies a list of “wig banks” whose sole purpose is to help you deal with the loss of hair due to chemo.

This site gives a list of sites which provide free wigs…especially for kids.

Helps with transportation and lodging…

This category will always contain information on free financial assistance, airline tickets, screening, wigs and benefit flyer downloads for cancer patients and more!

Americans Are Givers!

Our family’s travel through cancer taught us that Americans love to give! They love to help. They love to share. They are compassionate and if they can, they make it easy for you to get what your family or sick family member needs.

Freebies range from:

  1. Support with medical bills and health insurance to
  2. Places for a family to stay while a member is in the hospital to
  3. Travel assistance…and much more.

Check out the links below to see some of what is out there to help you:


Googling “free stuff” for cancer patients brings up a lot. Or there are even free airline tickets, free cancer screenings, free wigs, free benefit flyer downloads and so much more! Just put your need “out there” and search for it. Nine times out of ten, someone else has run into the same problem and is willing to help out.