Cognitive Fog Can Be Beaten Via Nutrition Enhancement


You have within yourself a river of life called blood. But where does it come from? Of course, it comes from your bones!

Your bones make new red blood cells, but from what? Nutrients!

Nutrients circulating in your system, from what you eat and drink are absorbed and picked up by your bones to make new red blood cells. Red blood cells are oxygen carrying proteins and your plasma carries your minerals, fats(don’t forget the omegas), heat and more. This means you are what you eat and your brain cannot function any better than what you consume!

Another contributing factor to better brain function is your largest organ of all:

Your skin. What you expose your skin to makes a difference, because it is capable of absorption of essential nutrients.

You can create a personal spa with Epsom salts which gives you a magnesium bath. This is one of three principal minerals which enhance better brain function. Swimming in the ocean is another great way to enhance brain function because it avails the brain via your skin of magnesium.

Hot springs were considered healthful in days gone by, and the old-timers were right: Lithium, sulfur, magnesium and other minerals are essential trace elements for superior brain function. They are found in natural sea water as well as mineral hot springs.

Natural fats, such as those found in raw milk, organic fish oil and more are also critical to superior brain function and refreshment. This is especially true after being subjected to chemotherapy which induces the condition called “chemo-fog.”

The good news: You can beat most types of brain impairment created by chemical or mineral poisoning by eliminating the problem mineral and increasing the good minerals, fats and vitamins!

Listen to what Mike Adams has to say…

Creativity Is Healing

Creative Healing Through Art
Creative Healing Through Art

I discovered the joy of giving daily as I accompanied my daughter through a year of chemo and radiation. The other sick children were bored and unhappy and welcomed distraction in the form of my sketches as I recalled my childhood in Africa. Above is a sketch of a mud puppy, or as they are often called, a salamander I played with on the Casamance River in Senegal.

The experience was as healing for me as them. Next time you want to donate time, consider contacting a children’s hospital or rehab unit to ask if you can entertain via a talent you have. Who knows? You may not only brighten their day, but you could change their lives! I know they changed mine.